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The Library Board of Trustees sends their deepest appreciation to all of the 264 writers and poets that entered the 41st Annual Trumbull Literary Competition.  Please keep writing!  Copies of the winning entries can be found cataloged at both the Trumbull Library and Fairchild-Nichols Memorial Branch Library.  A limited number are also available for purchase at the Trumbull Library information desk for $5.  The following winners were honored at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, May 19th:

Grades 3-5: Poetry                          Judge: Elizabeth Gomulski
1st Place – “Reaching for Courage” by Nate Hoag
2nd Place – “A Huge, Annoying Blob” by Ezra Dawson
Honorable Mention – “Red” by Neel Jakka
Grades 3-5: Fiction                          Judge: Gail Karwoski
1st Place – “For The Same Reason” by Danika Curtain
2nd Place – “Piano Trouble” by Christina Cao
Honorable Mention – “Honey Mouse” by Jessie Birdie Larson
Grades 3-5: Nonfiction                   Judge: Jim Bair
1st Place – “Unexpected Love” by Elisa Alt
2nd Place – “Save the Fifth-Grade Girls” by Riley Branyan
Honorable Mention – “Heroes on and off the Field – The Philadelphia Eagles” by Jonah Lee
Grades 6-8: Poetry                                         Judge: Janet and Jim Bair
1st Place – “Spring is in the Air” by Lizzie Steeves
2nd Place – “Turns from Gray to Blue” by Jane Hall
Honorable Mention – “Beach Night” by Molly Amighi
Grades 6-8: Fiction                                         Judge: Val Forshaw and Natalie Schriefer
1st Place – “Nothing but the Truth” by Greta Nusimovich-Mateo
2nd Place – “My Own Pizza” by Drew Duffy
Honorable Mention – “My Life as a Tree” by Saanvi Chintapalli
Grades 6-8: Nonfiction                   Judge: Marc Sulzycki
1st Place – “The Flood” by Penelope Cheng
2nd Place – “Fighting Racial Injustice with Martin Luther King” by Akeelha Cox
Honorable Mention – “My Favorite Place” by Maggie Braasch
Grades 9-12: Poetry                                       Judge: Holly and Marc Sulzycki
1st Place – “One Day, You’ll See the Sun Rise” by Regina Misercola
2nd Place – “Falling Still” by Regina Misercola
Honorable Mention – “Mulberry Silk” by Clara Bloom
Grades 9-12: Fiction                                       Judge: Lisa Acerbo
1st Place – “The Monster Under the Bed” by Catherine White
2nd Place – “First Contact” by Christopher Chartier
Honorable Mention – “Ethel’s Banger” by Jacquelyn Palumbo
Grades 9-12: Nonfiction                               Judge: Steve Gaynes
1st Place – “My People” by Regina Misercola
2nd Place – “Bricked” by Sachchit Kunichetty
Honorable Mention – “Changing the Face of Pediatric Cancer” by Regina Misercola
Adult: Poetry                                                   Judge: Elise Broach and Jodi Netting
1st Place – “A Beginner’s Guide to Falling in Love” by Christopher Grillo
2nd Place – “At Dawn” by Lori DeSanti
Honorable Mention – “An Imagined Self and the Sea” by Benjamin J. Chase
Adult: Fiction                                                   Judge: Marielaina Tymula and Bill Urban
1st Place – “Lady Deerguts” by Zanny Stowell
2nd Place – “The Cheater” by Cindy Austin
Honorable Mention – “Mentor” by Christ DeVries
Adult: Nonfiction                                            Judge: Jamie Brown and Lisa Ryan
1st Place – “Shirley” by Mary Brodeur
2nd Place – “The Gliding Chair” by Jacqueline DiFabio
Honorable Mention – “Kay and the Dragonfly” by Beth Lazar


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